Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Flocking Birds - The Ravens

I have directed the ravens to supply you...
Take notice of the Bird's nest 
Deep inside the book of  I Kings in the BIBLE, Chapter 17:4, there is a scripture about the Ravens.  The verse goes as follows, "I have directed the Ravens to supply you." I like the sound of this!  This message is hand written on the bottom  near the tree. 

The colors are the same as the others and blend well.  
I love the mountains in the back-ground and the light blue sky.  The birds sitting on the branch sort of suggest that they are there to provide and protect.  

I love the LEMON gold frame.  
 This is the second ROUND frame and I think having 2 ovals  thrown into this mix really will make for a nice display for my UPCOMING Doylestown show in September 2016.  I intend on having a nice collection of smaller pieces.  
This is what it looks like NOT in the frame.  I painted it in a square format so that I can have a print made off of it.
Spicher and Co will sell this come APRIL 2016
Here is a photo of all six together.  They really look nice together and I am really pleased with the outcome. 

Each painting carries it's own message. 


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