Friday, March 4, 2016

Another 3-D mermaid, Part 1

The loaves and the fishes 

I am working on a large scaled mermaid original for a special customer.  This painting is quite involved, and I thought it would be fun to allow you to follow the process.  

This is the inspiration piece that I painted back in August 2015  
What caught the customer's eye?  Besides the colors, she liked the 3-D effect that was created.  (See tail) She liked the message, as well.  This above piece was named, Consider the birds.  I really like birds and the symbolism that they hold and my customer appreciated the story that this painting told.  

The frame is going to be grained for this custom piece.  However, It will be more on the walnut scale as far as the color with less of an orangey red base like the one above.  
LOVE THIS COLOR.  This is a Benjamin Moore paint, I THINK.  

My painting will go on this wall to the left of the cabinets.
I love this soft sea foam wall color.  

I am going to skip a few steps here, but I have been working on the backdrop for this painting.  Here is what I have come up with so far.  I may darken the ocean some...

I have yet to add some rocks and a fisherman! I will have a marlin on the line, too!  
Check back next week.  I will be adding to this.  The mermaid will be holding a plate of loaves of bread and fishes.  I am excited to develop this painting. 


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