Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Fraktur painting

For my mother, with LOVE 
I painted this maybe 15 years ago OR LONGER 
I was digging around in a storage area of my home and found this little treasure.  This was how I got my start 25 years ago.  I painted FRAKTUR

What is Fraktur? 

Fraktur is both a style and an art form, it is a fancy colorful artistic expression using ink and watercolor.  It is a type of folk art and was created by the Pennsylvania Dutch around 1740 and enjoyed more than120 years of popularity.  It usually heralded a message--a birth, a death, a wedding.    One of the reason's that I loved Fraktur was because my mother collected it.  Being from Pennsylvania, of course, helped.  It was part of my culture.  I was surrounded by this look.  

When my mother passed away in 2008,  my Dad gave this back to me.  I am very happy to have it.  It makes me think of my sweet mother.  

I think it looks nice on this old paint table.  I am going to keep it here.  

Although, I would never think of selling this, I would be willing to do something like it.  Message me if you are interested.  

Look at the little slash marks that I put on the frame.  This was a new frame that I had distressed to make look old.  Such fun.  Mom loved it!!  

Thanks for looking.  



Unknown said...

We moved to Harrisonburg, VA, in the Shenandoah Valley, from Indiana at the beginning of my junior high school year. I was miserable. But had we not moved, I never would have seen and learned about folk art and the lore of the Valley. I was blessed to learn about fraktur from the fabulous John Stewart, an Austrian linguist who moved to the Valley and conducted years of study of the fraktur and early art of the area. I'll never forget his visit to our English class. I was immediately hooked on primitive art! The Valley Heritage Museum has a good collection of the fraktur of Peter Bernhart and others of his time you may have seen. Your fraktur delights my soul.

Kolenespicher said...

Wow, Lila. I love what you wrote. I love the story, too. Isn't something how these hard things sort of push us in a direction that ends up being good for us? Sometimes, I say to myself, IF Something good comes from the bad thing, is it really that bad?? I don't know. Some things are, I guess. But I am with you, I love this art form. I love when I meet other people that do it, too, that are lovely inside and out. It makes the art so much more legitimate to me, you know, when they say something beautiful in fraktur form and you know they are a wonderful person inside as well. I have met many wonderful people in the arts