Friday, March 4, 2016

A Whaling Scene - Part 2 - In 3 Dimension

An unfortunate mishap! 
This is actually in 3-D 
Its hard to see the 3D effect here, so I am going to make this a little easier and add a pencil! You'll see! 
This little guy is actually attached to the tail. 
How about this picture!  and look at that frame!  I really love it!  The glass is wavy and old, which is an added bonus.  (Glass not present, yet). 

The whale spray jets forward 
Here is a shot with the frame and the painting in its entirety.  You can see the makings of another painting in the background.  

I love the soft blue green in the foreground.  It really nicely accents and makes the whale stand out.  The tail is in 3D, too. 

 I really spend a lot of effort on making certain that all of my paintings hang well with each other. Buy with confidence, they will all 'go' together.  

All the colors sort of blend.  You can tell that this painting is done by the same hand as my others.  See below

You can purchase my originals by messaging me or thru my KOLENESPICHER Etsy store.  Sorry, but I don't have anything up currently, as everything has sold.  However, You can still look at what I have offered in the past.   

Thanks for looking today.  Please check back for more updates. For instance, I am doing more trees, and I am ready to start another 3-D mermaid! That is what the big ocean scene is for in the background.  


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