Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Flocking Birds - Post 1

My Inspiration for Flying Birds

Came from this Photo  
Flocking Birds
It isn't everyday that I stand at my window and see this.  I live on a mountain, this is true, but generally there are not this many birds at my back door at once!  This was a beautiful site.  They flew back and forth and in PERFECT unison.  I couldn't help but think of that scripture "Consider the Birds."  I have actually used that title before on a painting.  I keep returning to it.  Part of what made these birds so beautiful was their unity.  I think there is a sermon in there somewhere…  

I like how the tree is off center. 
Although, I like how it is off center, I don't think I like how it is not plumb.  It will need to be straight.  This picture sort of reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock, The Birds.  That part is sort of creepy, but I will make it alright! Look at the crisp blue sky…lovely! 

I like this tree.  
There are aspects of this tree that I like.  I intend to incorporate some of the folky nature of this tree.  It is fun and playful.  

Look at the beauty of each bird.  

While I might not be able to capture this day perfectly, I will do my best.  Check back in tomorrow for more photos of the actual painting!  


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