Saturday, January 2, 2016

Custom Boy Portrait - Part 2

The process unfolds 
Look at the brush strokes in the grass, water, and his pants 
If you read my Custom Boy Portrait, Part 1, you will remember that the last picture that I presented had the young boy drawn in pencil.  It was what I call a composition drawing, something that I do before starting to paint. 

Saint Bernard 
The customer wanted a Saint Bernard in the painting along with a book and a ship.  It is fairly common to see portraits of this  period including both a dog and a book.  
I love his sweet little smile and the colors really pop on the high quality water-color paper. 

When deciding on the composition of this piece, remember I had said that it was important to illustrate the dog in such a way so as the viewer realized that the dog was  of a large variety.  Even as large as I made him, I could have gone bigger.  I know this because my neighbor (growing up) had a St. Bernard.  To me, it looked like a horse.   Let's just say this is a young St. Bernard.  

This is a great example of what I am talking about.  
In this shot, you can see that the dog is really large.  It is nearly as tall as the child.  

This was one of the paintings that the customer referenced when requesting a child with a book.  They liked the ship, too, so I have included a ship in the background of our painting, as well.  You can read about this painting by going to:

This is almost finished.  I really love this frame
and think that the painting is really very sweet! 
I will look at it for a few more days, probably till Monday or Tuesday and then send it to be framed if I don't see any adjustments to be made.  

Thanks for looking and I wish you all a happy New Year!!  


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