Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow Taxi Mermaid Painting photographed in its new home

Snow Taxi is installed in a beautiful New England Home! 

Snow Taxi 
It is not often that I receive beautiful photographs of pieces that I have painted installed in their new home.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see this painting hanging in such a beautiful home.  It evokes feelings of thankfulness in me.  

I love this mantle and the color it is painted.  
Can you imagine what the rest of this house must look like?  This green is so soothing and I love her simple decorations that she has on the mantle.

The elegance of the chandelier really compliments this room 
You can tell that this lovely room is probably decorated for the change of each season.  I admire such forethought and careful planning.  

WOW, love the highboy, too.  The platters look so pretty and stand out against the warm brown tones of the piece.  Everything is simply beautiful.  Love it all! 

I am sure that Thanksgiving will be a wonderful event in this home.  Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with me and the lucky audience that happens upon them!  


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