Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kolene Spicher Mermaid Winter Scene Fish Fly

It was a real Fish Fly 

Part 1 - Developing a mermaid winter landscape 

Fish Fly will have this feel but different  story 
I am one of those people that sometimes works when I sleep.  I really get a lot of ideas at night when I should be sleeping ~ OVER ACTIVE MIND SYNDROME.  I am KIDDING. Well, not about not sleeping but about the silly syndrome.   Don't message me either that this  SYNDROME exists and that I have it, please.  I have enough on my plate~LOL. 

Last night, I had a great idea.  I am going to paint a mermaid scene about the Seattle Fish Market.  Although, this is not really a new thought to me, the composition for this painting began to unfold.  
At times, I just have to get a marker out and start scribbling.  Here is what I came up with.  Keep in mind, there is a reason why we call these things "Rough Drafts."  

I liked the sled so I had to put that idea back to good use.  
While at the High Point Furniture Market Antique show, I came across some FABULOUS water guilded gold-leafed frames.

Lemon water leafed frame 
They were a bit pricey, but having this frame on my Fishmonger/fish fly painting will really be worth it.  Wait to you see this finished.  I have a customer in mind for it already, who lives in the Seattle area.  

This will be added somewhere, too.
He was a real FISH MONGER!  
In case you don't know what a fishmonger is by internet definition, Wikipedia defines it as someone throwing a fish that has been purchased but has NOT yet been wrapped.  At the Seattle Pike Place Fish Market (founded in 1930), this is a habit that accidently made this market world famous.  IF you have not been there, it is well worth a visit.  The first STARBUCKs started there, too.  

Back in the 30s, it started its humble beginnings as an open air market at the corners of Pike Street and Pike Place.  I think that would be a neat painting, too.  This shall be painting No. 2 (maybe).  I will see how this one is received.  Keeping things flexible, here!

When I was there, I did not actually see anyone throw a fish, rumor has it that they sometimes throw plastic ones into the crowd to 'shake things up.'  That would give me a heart attack, probably. Anyone who knows me would agree~very high strung.  

Here is where I stopped with this painting.  I will post some additional shots next week when it is FINISHED! 

Sort of similar in coloration to the opening photo.  The little black spot in the ice is the fishing hole!  
Thanks for looking!  Have a wonderful rest of the week and Enjoy your holiday preparations.  We are blessed to live in this great country! 


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