Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tattoo Whaling Artwork

Worthy Whalers Wanted

Tattoo Art! 

The story of Capt. Paddock

This is another addition to my Tattoo art.  
In case you are wondering…Why do I call this Tattoo art??  Well it has to do with the bold black lines.  I have often been fascinated with tattoos.  I am scared to get one, but that doesn't mean that I don't consider it an art form.  I think that a lot of the tattoo artwork is beautiful and sort of historic.  There is no way to preserve them, obviously, but we can take pictures and paint in their likeness.  

This painting is about the whaling trade.  I have been working on this for some time and keep making changes to it.  I am confidently posting today because I feel "It is finished".  I could add to it because nothing in life is perfect, but I am satisfied (for today that is) that it is done!! 

"If you can't see, don't apply" 
This goes without saying, these guys had to be able to see.  I think having glasses would be a detriment.  What would you do if you lost them while at sea?  You needed to be able to climb up tall masts and not worry about your glasses falling off of your face!!  You needed to be able to see whales from afar, Hence, "Thar she blows."  

The left  flag says, "Making history ONE DAY AT A TIIME."  
I really love this panel.  This was one of my recent and final changes to this painting.  I had painted a map of Cape Cod here which I boldly painted out.  I decided that I didn't want a map on this painting.  Smile.  

This frame's finish isn't perfect but its attractive and reminds me of a sign, which is why I chose it.
I also love my drape, it is a classic KOLENE when you see that drape!!

I love the whale at the bottom.  It looks happy.  Don't we all need to focus on the happy times in our lives??  I really think that where our minds go, so goes our disposition--Happy mind, happy life!!! haha! 
There is a lot of work in this and it was painted on canvas!

In case you are wondering who 'Capt. Paddock' is…well let me tell you! He was from New England, probably Cape Cod area. 

Capt. Paddock sailed the Nantucket area in the early 1800s.  This happens to be a true story, too.  He threw a very sharp spear into a whale.  Although, the whale was wounded, he was not mortally so and disappeared with his spear. Fifteen years later, he would throw another spear into a whale only to discover that this whale still had lodged inside his big body the very spear he lost 15 years earlier.  It was in fact, the very same whale, speared by the very same man!  

I hope you enjoy this painting.  This and all the others recently uploaded are for my Doylestown, PA Bedminster Art show.  It's only two weekends away!  Let me know if you want a ticket.  I might have three left.  


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Karen said...

This is a beautiful work. I love the colors and although the scene is sad to me as it must deal with the whaling business, it is still beautiful. I too like that whale in the bottom. The frame you chose is wonderfully fit and so perhaps we could look ata this as an advertisement for whale viewing trips. Wish I could be in that painting or see it in person!