Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mermaid Winter Scene

The Presents 
It is better to Give than to Receive
In The spirit of giving… 
I always have a great time painting these winter scenes.  In many ways, winter is my favorite time of the year.  I just love Christmas.  

Things that stand out to me are as follows!
Love the bright colors! 
These little figures are not very big, and I painted as much detail in as was possible for me.  I like the idea of being 'together' with people that I love.  I love horses and riding in a sleigh.  To me this says "HOLIDAY" and Christmas!! 
The idea is that they are traveling to see a MERMAID SHOW! Fun. 
Let's not forget those in need.  For so many of us, Christmas may not be a time where gifts and money abound.  I really liked the message of giving to those in need.  Check out the red bucket's message.  

To be candid, I took that "Alms for the Poor" message from Robin Hood.  Ha.  My boys LOVE that story. 

I am working on this and a LOT of other paintings for my upcoming show in Doylestown, PA.  It is called the Bedminster Show and is held at Delaware Valley College.  Here's the information: 


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Mugwump Woolies said...

What a wonderful painting, Kolene! I have been meaning to tell you how much my best friend liked her Nantucket print. We have been there several times together so it had special meaning. We also bought our first prints by you when we were shopping together in Concord Ma. many years ago. I guess you could say you are a contributing member of our friendship!
Have a great weekend!