Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Kolene Spicher painting in the style of the Rufus Porter School

Primitive Retrieved Wallpaper Technique 
 Landscape by Kolene Spicher 

This painting and many others will be at the Bedminster Show in Pennsylvania next weekend

The crackled surface has the feel of being something that was "pulled" from a wall.  I invented this technique and use
it often with paper, too! 
This is a painting that is done in the Rufus Porter style.  He was an itinerant 19th-Century artist that roamed the New England area painting the walls in numerous homes.  Anyone who has an original Rufus Porter is one lucky individual.  Everything about this from the subject matter from the  exaggerated  trees to the colors reminds me of this  RPorter 'look.'  I love to paint in this style.  

Porter trees were graduated in size.

This tree fills the entire canvas, as far as the height is concerned.  This, too, was in  keeping with the way Porter painted.  The trees in the foreground were always as large as the  mural wall would hold.  I love the little guy on the boat! 

Oversized bright birds
This bird tree reminds me of a feather bush.  The red lighthouse carries your eye to the back of the painting, which I like.  A little color here and there will cause your eye to roam the entire painting.  
White background or Black?  
I prefer the black background or Mat.  I have not decided which way I will go.  I also grained this frame to make it look 'old' like the painting.  The sides of this frame are a simple black.  

Let me know your thoughts!  White background or black?  

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