Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kolene Spicher Original one-of-a-kind Whaling Painting

Thar' She blows 

Acrylic Nautical Painting on Paper 

Retrieved Wall Paper Technique "Tattoo Style"  

Titled Thar' She blows!
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I am having a lot of fun painting this series.  Thar' She Blows is the second painting that has been finished and is part of my new "Tattoo art" group.  The first entry was of a ship.  I posted it about a week ago.

Minus the Glare, I LOVE this shot.  
Some of the things that make me think "Tattoo" are the heavy black lines and the opaque coloring.   Somehow, I feel these old sailors would have been speckled with tattoo art.  Anchors, flags, mermaids, etc.
This is supposed to have the feel of an old Trade Advertisement. 
I have always had a fondness for the sailor and his lifestyle…  He certainly looks patriotic with the American eagle and criss-crossed flags! 

Happy Times! 
Here's a shot of the painting in its entirety, and you can see the other Tattoo Ship painting that I referred to earlier!
I love Gold Leafed frames

Thanks for looking today.  This and others will be taken to my show in September!  Here's the information on that show.  I have some tickets.  If you are in the greater Philly/New Jersey area and would enjoy some complimentary tickets, private message me.  You can like me of Facebook, too.  I manage a page titled KOLENE SPICHER.


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