Monday, June 15, 2015

Patriotic Mermaid Angel

There are Angels all around us!

I love the symbolism in this painting.

This is executed in a pen and ink, painterly watercolor technique.

 I never know how or what direction a painting will go.  Drawing it out in pencil first, the painting seems to take its own direction.  This mermaid was no exception.  However, I wasn't thinking patriotic when I started it.  She took on that role much later.  She is perfect for the July 4th upcoming holiday!

I have a lot of patriotic things around my home.  I love America.  This quilt and painting above the mermaid angel are some of my favorite things.
Seashell wings!
This frame is very unique.  It is vintage and probably comes from the 60's or 70's (just a guess).   I have never seen anything like it.  On the back of the insert that closes and keeps the painting, I have written a prayer for America.

The back did not contain anything pretty until I pasted this lovely reproduction bird paper on to it! 

I love it! 

Thanks for looking! 

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