Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Harbor Mermaid

Providing Safe Harbor 

When the Night loses its light, I am there

This painting was executed on paper using Acrylic paint in two techniques.  Watercolor
and dry brush. 

Although this photograph makes her face appear a bit dark, I wanted to include it so you could see how sweet she turned out.  See below for the true rendition
She's like an ANGEL with her little etherial looking face. 
I love a good story.  This mermaid has it with the lighthouse, the silhouetted ship, the darkness, the light, etc.  She is for sale, but not now.  I have to start painting for my show in September or I am going to be in trouble.  I will be forced to show up with all prints.  Cry. 

When the Night loses its light, I am there. 
I wanted her to glow, and she does.  Just like that lamp at her tail, she puts off light!  I love light.  This painting is actually the moon scene (background) that I painted a few months ago.  I had kept that particular painting, knowing that I would morph it into something else.  I wasn't sure what, though.  

Providing safe harbor (written in the water). 
I love the way the black frame and the gold liner pull the light and contrast the darkness that tries to overtake the night (of this painting).  Isn't it so cool that we have a moon and stars that give us light.  No darkness can overtake light, even a little candle is enough to outshine darkness.  

I love the silhouette ship and lighthouse! 
Enjoy and thanks for looking! 

By the way, this is the show I am painting for if you want to come!  I have free tickets to hand out!
Just give me a holler!  

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