Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mermaid, Sardine Sized!

Sardine Mermaid!

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The term "Sardine" was first used by the English around the 15th century.  The origin (According to Wikipidia) is said to stem from an island in the Mediterranean known as Sardinia.

At one time, Sardines were abundant there.  I've always been interested in these cute little fish.  I love them in my salad dressing, especially if they are fresh - Ceaser Salad, uhhh…. They are salty and wonderful,  and cooking only enhances them.

One bit of trivia, the fish must be shorter in length than 6 inches to qualify.  Thats 15 short centimeters.  I got to thinking, wouldn't it be cute to use some of  my  Gold-leafed Italian frames and paint a small mermaid within it??

This is where I came up with my title, SARDINE MERMAID!

Look how sweet this looks.  She is simply illustrated but can be displayed on or near anything nautical.  

I like her beside my sea-shell boxes.  

I like to always photograph my paintings with my other work.  It shows a continuity in color and form and brush strokes.  I know,  I keep showing this one ship painting, but I am waiting on a piece of very special wavy glass before I can ship it out.  I like having it and looking at it (even though it's sold). 

I love the backs of these frames.  They are beautiful.  They are made precisely and the paper and glass and finish on these frames is gorgeous. Check it out on ETSY! 

Thanks for looking.  


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