Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Teacups for High Point Wholesale Market

Pen and Ink style Teacups for the Kitchen

This is something fun and different for me.  It's hard to say which one that I like better.  Truthfully, I think they all look 
well together.  Buy them all! 

Love the red ship! 

I think that this one looks the most like the style that you are accustomed to reading about on this blog.  I Like it, but I also equally like the more graphic versions, too. 

My favorite cup is the polka dotted one! 

I really think this one is my favorite.  I can't say why.  Maybe it's the rich red colors.  I wish that I had a set of dishes to match these designs.  Imagine a big dinner plate with those white polka dots with a red background! 
Love the flow blue! 

There's something pretty about stacking cups.  Have you ever noticed how beautiful teacups look in your cupboard if they are stacked?  The tricky part is getting them out of there without knocking the whole stack over!  It happens. 
The graphic one on the bottom looks so neat with the black polka dots! 

I love the teal/turquoise quality of this example and love the white cup on the bottom! 


This reminds me of spring! Spring, please come! 

Love the orange!  A nice splash of color! 

This set is fun, too.  I like the silhouette of the black cup on the top.  The Silhouetted cup is really what makes the set fun and different.  

Here are the six! 

What fun!  Look for these are Market in High Point April 2015!  We are in the C & D building! 

Hope to see you there! 


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