Monday, March 30, 2015

Creating a Portrait - Part 3 - For the GARDEN CLUB OF VIRGINIA HISTORIC GARDEN WEEK garden tour in Gloucester, VA

I think I might have finished this portrait

 except for choosing a frame 

I am debating if I will even put this behind glass! 

Sweet little face with strong chin! 

I have shown a lot of different options that could happen with this portrait with regard to the framing.  I feel after much deliberation, that the gold frame looks the best.  I know that some of you disagree, but I had an overwhelming positive response to this gold-leafed frame!(ABOVE)  

Well here she is!  I am very pleased with how she turned out.  The method that I used was my Retrieved Wallpaper technique.  This is also the method that was used to paint my Central Park scene (Refer to last year). 
Love the splash of color and all the crazy cracks! 
I really enjoy painting this naive style.  It makes me happy, so I am intending to keep doing it!  If you have any strong opinions about the frame, simply like KOLENE SPICHER on Facebook and leave your feedback. Choose the page that I manage and not my personal FB, please.   Or if you prefer, you can leave it on this blog, too.
Frame Number 1 (I think this is a little heavy and dark…)

Frame No. 1

While this frame is gorgeous, I think it might be too thick and heavy.  I just don't know.  The frame can be a deal breaker…

I like this one, but guess what, it doesn't fit.  I would have to pay someone to 'doctor' the size.  Sometimes this doesn't look right…
Frame No. 2 
I like this one, actually, but would have see if I could have it trimmed down.  It might, in the end, be more time-consuming than it's worth.  I do like it, though :) 

Frame No. 3
This one has the same problem as No. 2.  I would have to adjust the background, which would be easier than No. 2.  However, I really like the gold.  But then The style might be limiting, most people do not have this fancy of a house (although, these gold leafed frames are coming more and more into Vogue).  I was recently in NYC at the Restoration Hardware, and they have an entire wall of these made into mirrors!  It was amazingly beautiful against their dark grey backdrop. 

The fourth (No. 4) option would be to make one and grain it.  I sort of like this idea!  What do you think? 

The FIFTH option is This!  I would have to cup the bottom of her dress off to accommodate this frame. 

I think that I like this red frame…

Finally, here is what it would look like as a business card.  The info is on the back, I was told not to include this over the internet.  Not sure why, I guess spam.  If you look closely at this print on image No. 3,  1/3 of the way up on the left, my signature was temporarily penned onto the paper.  I am going to remove this and re-sign it on the lower right.  This was only done for the business card! (See below). 
I really think this turned out well.  I will be handing these little guys out at the Garden Club of Virginia Historic Garden Week Garden Tour showing.  I am excited to help my friend with this event!  I am at the house named "Nesting" on April 25, 2015! 

Thanks so much for looking today! 


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