Friday, March 27, 2015

Creating a Portrait - Part 2 - For the GARDEN CLUB OF VIRGINIA HISTORIC GARDEN WEEK garden tour in Gloucester, VA

Choosing the Frame and creating the pencil drawing.

Pencil drawing on my created textured background
Well, I changed my  mind.  I decided that I wanted to make the face larger and not include as much as the body.  I know that I said in yesterday's post that I liked the full body poses, and while that remains true, I drew this out and decided that I liked the head to be more prominent.  I also like the sweet little hot dog.  I am not sure how it will all play out but for now,  but this is what I have to show you.
Love the paper
This crinkled paper is a process that I developed two years ago.  I love creating it and it took hours for me to get it to look the way this does.  The crinkles are much more subtle than the Central Park Ice Skating scene that I painted last year ( refer to this post) .  I wanted the little girl and the dog to be the "Stars."

For the frame (for now), I have chosen this OGEE 19th century grained frame.  I think it will compliment the colors of this painting very well.  Refer to yesterday's post, I am trying to reproduce a portrait that could hang along side the "Blunt" painting from the early 1800s.  I know the frame is not exactly correct, but I like it! 

Closeup of the graining
I love the patina of this! Only years of being used and lugged around and stored can create this!

My goal is for the painting to sit inside this and be museum mounted.  I needed something with a deep rabbit to achieve this look! 

Tune in for more! 


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