Thursday, March 26, 2015

Creating a Portrait - Part 1 - For the GARDEN CLUB OF VIRGINIA HISTORIC GARDEN WEEK garden tour in Gloucester, VA **Updated with additional photographs 3/29/15

I painted a portrait reproduction similar to the one below!

Kolene Spicher Portrait, Ship scene, and Landscape that is being featured in a prominent Virginia home for Historic Garden Club Tour 

A few years ago, I painted a piece after the likeness of this painting.  It was purchased by man from Virginia.  Today, my version (Portrait B)  proudly hangs in his home in the dining room.  Today, I am starting another 'Blunt' style painting which I intend to sell later but for now turn into a business card.  I thought it would be fun for you to follow the process.  

This is the Original Blunt painting
Version A

This is my version (below).  The feel of the two are similiar but the painting technique is different, as should be the case of any painter.  I am starting a third "Blunt Style" today. **See Creating a Portrait - Part 2 - For the Garden Club of Virginia...

The original Kolene Spicher
Version B

Things that stand out to me about this painting are as follows (I list them in importance to the overall success of the painting, as I see it). 

Face- this little boy's face is very sweet.  Although, he looks serious it's only because his dress was tight, Ha.  

Proportions - the proportions of this painting are good and well executed.  Often times, the head may be overly large or small.  I don't feel this is as desirable.  I Like the proportions to be correct. 

Splash of color - I love the orange.  I think a dark painting always needs something bright.  I intend to include something bright. 

Full body - While head shots can be sweet, I truly believe that the full body shot is more desirable.  I include as much of the body as the frame will permit.

Color-The colors are rich and dark.  To change it up a bit,   I intend to brighten the next painting just a little bit.  However, it will still need to be executed using dark colors or it won't look "Blunt" style.

Watch for the development of this portrait. (Creating a Portrait - Part 2 - For the Garden Club of Virginia…).  

Here are a few interior shots with my paintings hanging on the wall.  This house is FABULOUS.  I cannot express with a few pictures the extent of the collections that are within the walls of this Virginia Colonial. 

The "Blunt" Style portrait is behind the left potted tree.  The Ship scenes are Kolene Spicher, too. 
I love the use of props and staging that are present in each of the rooms in this house.  The owners should run a magazine!!

Kolene Spicher Portrait on far left.  The two portraits over the mantle are 18th Century Original Paintings.

~Today, I am going to start working on the background for my 2nd 'Blunt' style painting!  I will select a frame for this piece, too.  I may make a frame, too.  I am not certain, yet!  



The tour takes place Saturday, April 25, 2015.  I need the business cards for this event!    The homes that are featured spread across the commonwealth of Virgina.  Each  section of the state will hold tours  on a different day starting Saturday, April 18 and finishing  up on April 25, 2015.   

Please visit for more information.   

A little Blurb that was written about this home (BTW, I am the guest not the Antiques Specialists).

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