Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day Boats

What is a DAY BOAT? 

Prints for sale today (August 25, 2014)  on ETSY -

A DAY BOAT is also known as a Joey boat.  I know a lot of 'Joeys' and have never felt that they reminded me of a day boat….hm.  I am sure there is some logical explanation~Maybe a later blog entry.

Recently, I provided some artwork to a gal that had an outdoor bathroom that needed a little TLC.  We hung about a half-dozen pieces including a set of day boats that I had painted a while ago.  Today I know a little more about boats than the day I painted these (not much more but I am learning~HA).
I provided a closeup of this one because I liked it the most, and it was the first one that I illustrated.

This shot is slightly blurry but at least you can see my gold bracelets. 
Day boats are used for DAY trips, hence the name.  They sometimes do not have a stern cabin.  I have seen plenty of sailboats that do have cabins and are 'day boats' in the sense that they are taken out for a few hours during the day.  They are big (with multiple cabins).  But today we are talking about Day Boats that truly are day boats.  Lest I am confusing you, here's a good example of a day boat that is bigger than my above illustration but was taken out for the day this last weekend.   I love the flags on this day boat. I am guessing that this is 25-30 feet.
A painting waiting to happen
If you go to you can see other boat and nautical illustrations that I have painted over the years.  I want so badly to show to you some of my current work, but I am saving it for my Bedminster Showing-see early post .  I will highlight these pieces a little closer to my event.  At this show, I will have original paintings as well as some prints.  I might even take these Day Boats.

If you want to learn more about this show and how to get tickets, go here:

Love the clean white background 
These prints can be hung just about anywhere.  I love the simplistic brush strokes and the white background.  This reminds me of summertime and fun :)

Thanks for taking the time to look at these.  I will be listing these (maybe tomorrow) on Etsy.  They are near perfect condition but have just a few dings that are not really visible.  I accidentally  had taken two sets to the outside bathroom job that I had referred to early in this post. 


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