Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Antique SeaShell Frame (Blog No. 1)

What should I put in this frame? 

(Blog No. 2 was posted August 26)
LOVE anything Seashell~Dated 1904
I recently was Out of Town and found this little treasure of a frame.  Because I am infatuated with the sea and everything in it, I just had to buy it.  My intention is to ReSell it…hm.  I guess we shall see.  

As I stated in an earlier post, I have begun to paint for a small retail show that is located in Buck's County area, PA.  This piece will go to that event.  If you want tickets, I have them.  Simply fill out the form to the right and I will mail them, no strings attached.  This is a beautiful professional ONE-of-a- KIND type show.  The artists are all over the top incredibly talented.  

Back to my frame…I am thinking mermaid.
This MERMAID is available as a print but what I will place in the above seashell frame is a painting
The color tones will match this print, I am thinking! 

The rich tones along the bottom really add a lot of depth to this painting.  I don't know if I ever explained to anyone my process fully.  What I do is paint layer upon layer.  Each layer enhances (not covers) the previous layer.  I bring out the tones that I happen to find appealing for each painting.  I really play it by ear… 

One more notable thing about this frame is the back.  Check this out! 
Would this have been for a World's Fair? 
If you know anything about this frame and care to share it, please do.  My intention is to put a mermaid in it.  It will be a small painting and take some time.  Many times small things are as time-consuming as large things due to the size of the bristles in the brush.  FYI. Stay tuned to see what the final piece looks like.  I am not sure when it will be posted, but it will find it's way to this blog!  


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