Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Antique SeaShell Frame (Blog No. 2)

The Belle of the Sea

On August 13, 2014 I wrote about a beautiful seashell frame that I had purchased in an Antiques Store.  I finally finished a very small watercolor for this little frame and am going to write about it today.  I updated this post because while I had written earlier that I wanted to maybe switch this painting out for another different painting, I decided  today that I would much rather add MORE color to the existing mermaid painting.  This is the new painting with the changes.  Notice the sky color and how it pops.  
UPDATED version after color was added.  Notice the brightness in the water, too. 

Before color was added - it looks flat.

The most obvious color differences will be seen in the clouds and sky areas.   The painting really pops now, where as before it didn't stand out, the frame did (which is not my goal!)

 Here is another shot of the painting which shows some more details.  This was BEFORE I added additional color.  


I really do love her sweet little face!  But again, it's not about the execution of the subject and expression of the mermaid, it really comes down to the color.  I feel that the sand should be deeper and the water more green.  

ONE OTHER NOTE,   I was rooting around in my studio and happened to find a little oval that is gold leafed and BEAUTIFUL.  Just for curiosity's sake, I decided to tear apart my seashell frame and lay this little baby behind the oval, and this is what I got!  WHICH DO YOU LIKE MORE?
Picking the correct frame is really a very difficult thing to do.  My goal is that the frame be beautiful but not out-shine the painting.  I am going to take this to my Bedminister, PA show and display it on this little 15"easel.  In case you are curious, the shell frame is 8" wide and 10" tall.  It is stunning!  

This painting and at least 20 others that I have NOT blogged about yet, will be taken to my show in September that I wrote about earlier.  It is only a few weeks away - 14 days … 


It's not too late for FREE tickets.  This is a wonderful show.  We have people asking for tickets even up to a week prior.   I can mail them out up to a few days before the show.  I have extra.  No strings attached.  It's nice to look at the paintings on this blog, but I think they are much prettier in person. 


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