Tuesday, July 15, 2014

St. John's Lutheran Church

Public Buildings make interesting paintings 

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Boiling Springs 
There's a small town not very far from where I live that I have always been fascinated with.  It has all the charm of a New England town but is right around the corner!  LOVE IT!  There's a tavern there, too, that I love to visit.  It serves a very hearty delicious meal and is well worth a trip.  It is called Boiling Springs Tavern.  Make a reservation!  

Back to the painting...The stone fruit placed beside the painting help the viewer to understand the size.  It's not very big!  Perfect for a little hallway or beside a doorway. 

When I was deciding wether I wanted to blog about this picture, I had to laugh at the little title above my signature that I included on the painting.  It is called Arriving Early. This is too funny.  I am seldom on time and wonder why I included that.  Wishful thinking, perhaps... 
Closeup of St.  John's
Public buildings are always beautiful, and this church is no exception.  Lots of money collectively goes a long way in keeping the brick and slate in tact.  With the cost of all brick buildings today, it is not surprising that churches and courthouses are made with the most beautiful materials.  

This church is quaint and sits within the borders of Boiling Springs.  This is a reproduction of what it would have looked like long ago had it not been developed.  Call it a portrait!

Cumberland County 
Cumberland County is a very important county in Pennsylvania.  It is home of many interesting sites, including the Army War College and Dickinson College.  Downtown Carlisle is only a few miles away and is the closest major town to Boiling Springs.  Many roads join in this little county.  Because of this it is a major connection point to the Northeast and Western parts of our country. 
Antique Gold Leafed frame
The frame is not in perfect condition but is not obvious from the front view.  It is missing some of the gold plaster veneer on the side bottom of the frame.  Despite this, it's a good choice for this little piece because it allows the painting to shine and stand out.  I am going to be posting this to my Etsy Store and is for sale if you are interested.  


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