Saturday, July 12, 2014

Paintings of Eyes!

EYEWEAR for the Home!

Eye know it's outlandish, but I love the idea of hanging a big eye somewhere.  A bedroom or a bathroom or an optocian's office--this is just different and in a crazy sort of way.
At Spicher and Co., we like to create things that are just a little bit off the charts and over the top when it comes to artwork.  A few years back we decided that eye charts made for some cool graphics, now we introduce some illustrations of the human eye with an emphasis on the false eyelashes! 
The eye chart is totally cool, so I thought it would be neat to add to and develope this collection.  
I am at the Atlanta AMERICASMART where we show and sell the prints that are developed for Spicher and Company. 
You can see the four eyes that I developed on the wall along with another different sort of eye chart that is leaning on the wall beside my son Ian. Also new, coincidentally, is the moon phases. I will save that for another day.  
The eyes wouldn't be complete without a chart of the different false eye lashes, which I happen to think is beautiful but am unsure how to use them.  Ha! This green eye below makes me feel jealous. I wish my eyes were that color and the lashes are enviable, too!  JK
Blue as the sky...LOVE THIS TOO.  I am not sure how I would hang these prints yet.  I'm looking forward to seeing how my customer display them.  Suggestions always welcome.  
The little accessories are also cute!  I think they would look sweet in a powder room!  

Thank you for looking today!  You can see these and all prints here in Atlanta if you are a buyer with credentials to operate a resale business.  Or simply go to 


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