Monday, July 28, 2014

Mermaid sitting on a Barrel of RUM! YUM!

Sailor Jack is on the Rock! 
This is the Untrimmed original
This painting was formatted for a beautiful long frame that I felt a mermaid or a whale would go great in.  But there's an issue with the frame, it's not wide enough; and I sort of hate to cut off her tail…  This is one of those times that I could use a little advice.  
When I was in Atlanta, GA this last month, I went to a little restaurant that is situated beneath the Hilton Hotel in Atlanta.   Many of you probably have never heard of it; it's called Trader VIC's.  It is an Hawaiian Style restaurant specializing in the most amazing dishes and drinks.  There are only two left in the United States.  One is in downtown Atlanta and the other is…I'm not sure where, maybe Hawaii or California.  Nevertheless, my trip to Atlanta for the gift show is not complete without a stop at Trader Vic's.  This mermaid is in memory of this restaurant that I love.  

According to Trader Vic, Rum played an important part in molding empires (Don't ask me how).  Vic has some great drinks to show for it, too.  I like the Mai Tai and their Mohito!  I think this barrel of rum makes for an interesting painting.  Having my mermaid sit upon it is just funny. 
My favorite part of this mermaid is her hair.  
Mermaids have to have beautiful hair.  It is required in the code.  

Lastly, here she is in the pretty walnut frame.  If you think I should not cut her tail off or if you think it is okay, let me know your thoughts (if you feel like it).  She will be for my fall show!  I posted about it a few days ago! 

Here it is in the frame that I ultimately chose! 


Kolene Spicher 

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