Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Guest Book Painting -Part 1

 Special One-of-a-kind Wedding Guest Book Painting

Designed to compliment this invitation (Below) 
The Lemon was placed here to honor the Bride's privacy! Also, I had to
trim off the bottom of the card for the same reason! 
It's not every day that I receive a request for a wedding guest book painting, but this one has been on my list now for several months.  I am running out of time~it's a MAY wedding!

So today, I put a call into the lovely bride and asked a few additional questions. She wants the painting to be created 'around' the invitation, which I will gladly do for her.  The questions I needed answered will determine the path I travel to achieve the finished product.   Maybe you are wondering what exactly I mean by a  'Guest Book Painting (GBP).'

A GBP is a painting that will be at the entrance of a church (or other building) where a wedding is going to take place.  People will sign this (that are invited) who have been able to attend the wedding.  It needs to go with the theme of the wedding.  Having the invitation will greatly help me with this.

Firstly, how many people are invited?  This is an important question because if there are only 10 people invited, then obviously, we will not need a large painting.   In this case it is 200. I think that it needs to have a little size because we need to be able to squish 150-200 signatures comfortably and in a manner that does not look chaotic.  After all, we want this to be pleasant to look at when all the signatures are on the painting.   Secondly, does she want the colors to match her invitation?  The answer was yes, but not exactly.  She wants the painting to be something that she will be able to actually hang in her home somewhere and something that will blend in with her furniture, etc.   It was decided it needed to be a little more timeless than the invitation, which means that it will be less trendy than the example.   She loves the fun trendiness of the invitaion (which is why she choose it)  but wants it to be something that is traditional enough to keep for 50 years.  

We decided that we love the color of the teal/blue sky and the tree but that I should plan on using my imagination for the rest of it.  I will be including the tree and the birds but adding additional things besides.   

I placed the lemon over half of the card to preserve the privacy of the bride but also to show you that the leaves are not all the same color.  Some of the leaves (although subtle) are more on the yellow scale, while others have some red.  I will be including the bride and groom in this painting along with a house.  It will be shocking for her when she sees it because, she has pretty much given me creative license.  This makes me happy because I dislike following someone else's ideas directly.  I did NOT design this card, as cute as it is! 

I will be updating this post in a few days with the finished product.  Depending on how long it takes, there may be a post in between this and the final version.  

Keep this idea in mind should you ever want me to design something similar for YOUR wedding! 

Check back! Enjoy!

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