Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Canard (Duck) Silhouettes!

My English / French Silhouettes 

A Little fun with some DUCK
Sometimes, I just like to mix things up a bit.  I think that when I am willing to paint outside of the "box," I start to create some of my best stuff.  Today, I present to you my chairs but with a new twist.  If you had the chance to read my Rooster blog last week, titled, "Good Morning" (4-11-14), you will recall that I had a set of chair pictures that I wanted to 'update.'  Here are a couple more birds to add to the set.
Roast Duck
These pictures were painted in my watercolor technique and are on paper.  I have them in antique frames, and I wish that you could see the glass~it is so wavy and wonderful!  The one titled in French, Canard Roti, is called 'My First French Meal.'  Is the duck eaten?  Or is the duck having its first French meal!  You decide!  I think that I remember reading that Julia Child's first French meal was DUCK.  How appropriate.
House Duck
This picture Canard Maison or House Duck has another cute saying on the background, "Today, I feel like a duck out of water!"  Have you ever felt that way?  Me neither.  Ha, I think we have all felt that way from time to time~just out of our element! These are meant to make you smile.  I hope they do!

As usual, if you see something that you like, let me know! They are for sale.  My house is getting full.

Speaking of which, Here is a shot of the silhouettes framed (in my spare bedroom).


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