Thursday, April 3, 2014

Developing a Little Girl Portrait, Part 1

Remember This? 
Developing Another Little Girl Portrait 
19th Century Style 

This was from an Oct. 29, 2013 Post
I am posting this to simply refresh your memory of the Style 

Recently, while out shopping in an Antiques and Collectibles store, I picked up this little black frame pictured below.  It was 8"x11 1/2" and had the antique glass to go with it.  I thought about painting a ship for it but have done a good bit of NAUTICAL lately and so I thought due to the orientation of the frame (up and down), it would make a nice portrait.  Honestly, I like the gnarly old wire, too.  Don't be surprised if I figure out a way to use it!   You know, one thing that is nice about repurposing things is that it doesn't end up in some landfill…smile.
Perfect for a portrait! 
I went ahead and started to sketch the portrait on paper.  Remember now, I LOVE FOLK ART.  One of my very favorite places to visit is the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City.  It is located uptown at Columbus Circle and 66th Streets.  Keep in mind, they are closed Mondays.  I have made the mistake of showing up on said day while in the city at least two separate times and left disappointed.  It's frustrating because then I can't see the store.  They have a lot of handcrafted things from artists like me.  In fact, I have sold to them on a number of occasions.  One time, I even did their window! It was a fond memory.   I should look for that picture and post it!

Here is a closeup of the frame.  It's sweet and in good condition and just primitive enough to pull off my portrait.  She will have a very colorful floorcloth beneath her feet with colorful doll furniture.

The exaggeratedly small chair with table is what Folk Art is all about!
It will be what makes this piece 'folky'
Here is a closeup of the face!
Notice that I didn't take the time to draw in the fingers.  I will need to do this before I proceed.
Check back either tomorrow or the next for the finished product! Thanks for looking.  Many of the antique-like pieces are not available thru Spicher and Co., which primarily sells prints.  This is an example of such a piece.  It is a one-of-a-kind original and will either be available if I am contacted or made available at the Bedminster Art Show in September!


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