Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Stable Groomsman

In large horse establishments, there may be several grooms under the management of the Stable Master. The 'head' groom usually has complete responsibility  for the horses-- including the training, the feeding, and the veterinary care of the horses.  This is a painting about a stable groomsman from the 19th Century.  The feel of the piece and the colors and composition are simple but work. It just catches my eye.   I love the folkiness of the black horse, and I'm not certain if the painting is more about the horse than the groomsman.  I know that for me, it was all about the horse--front and center! 

The simple black frame compliments this piece, which is one of three in this 'Country' series.  
He looks so serious and READY to do his job.  I love the cracks and turquoise sky, which ties this painting to the other two prints.  This picture below was taken at Highpoint Market showroom.  I'm wishing that the stickers were not on these, but there's no removing them after they are applied!  

Here's a closeup of the above picture:  this shows color and texture. 

Color, texture, composition, and framing are the four main elements of good design.  Even having one of these things 'off' can destroy the likelihood of having a successful piece of art.  

Thanks for Looking!  Let me know if you are interested in this print.  The original has sold, but the print is a fine reproduction and would look nice in a number of different rooms in any home.  


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