Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ba~ris~ta DRINKS (Illustrations for your kitchen)

What is a barista drink?  Well, the first thing that comes to mind is COFFEE!  Then the word FRIENDLY.  
So, to me, it's a drink that makes me happy and involves caffein! Thankfully, it's suppose to be healthy, too. 

Starbucks is always busy; in fact, every coffee bar I ever frequent seems to be busy.  There's alway a line, there's always people filling the tables, and there's always happy conversation that seems to dominate.  I decided that because we all love coffee,  it might be neat to do some illustrations of different latte and espresso drinks.  

I wanted these to be more modern and edgy with consistent technique and colors that would be used on each illustration.

Here is my palette! Although a little blurry, it gives you my guidelines of technique and color--Brown, orange, white, and black with a touch of teal (not in illustration example). 

Here are all the drinks that you can choose from.  They are framed in white.  

In this example, I showed the item number which includes the name (WC) and the drink name.  You can purchase this print thru Spicher and Co.  (  Please leave a message on my post if you are interested in purchasing any of these prints and I can direct you to either a designer or store in your area.  If none exists, we will sell direct.  Or if you would like original watercolors, I can do that, too.  just ask! 

I've seen these hung on kitchen walls that are adjacent to sink or stove.  We've also installed them on counter backdrops.  This is the area between the cabinet and the countertop.  Believe me, there are some fancy kitchens out there.  Some people even have rooms that branch off their kitchen that are Esspresso Rooms, meaning they make their coffee there.  They are complete with brass Esspresso machines and refrigerators to house their coffee products.  You could hang these prints with confidence in there, too! 

Here are some closeups of popular barista drinks! 

Love the teal! 
Isn't the foamed milk fun?
Love the Mocha! 
Truthfully, I did NOT understand the 'crema' part of these illustrations until I recently went out and purchased a Nespresso. I love this coffee maker, and is not being paid to say this.   The 'crema' is that rich coffee foam that results in the espresso coffee being brewed and forced thru a tiny area (like a pod).  It's not a drip process but rather hot water that is pressed thru compressed coffee. That's my explanation, but I'm sure a barista could say it better.  Thanks for looking!  

Remember, there are other options for the frame.  We framed it in white here but you could go black, too! 


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