Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Girl! Is she a Bichon, Yorkie-Poo, Schnoodle, or Mutt?

Nobody can tell me the identity of my dog!  

It's no secret, I love to paint dogs.  Anyone who has followed my artwork over the years has seen the progression.  Each time I do a dog series, they seem to get more and more outlandish.  I love this one which happens to be my dog.  Nobody knows for certain what 'make' she is.  I just know that she was made by a pair of dogs and one of them had white hair!  When I painted her, I first had to photograph her.  Anytime I get too close with anything--scissors, comb, CAMERA--she starts acting nervous. She did pretty well, though, for this pose!   

Look at her sweet little newsprint dress!  The little book she carries is an attempt to make fun of some well-known popular book.  She's named, "Mary had a Little Dog." I wouldn't say my girl is this sophisticated, but she's pretty special, and we LOVE her!  Her name is not Mary, either!  Although, I like that name.  I really call her Girl most of the time.  
Look at her little bracelet!  She's the kind of dog that would proudly wear one, too.  

Here are a few other varieties:

Trade show picture! The original one of each of these was painted in water based paint on paper and today they are available in three sizes, I've seen these hung over grand pianos and I've seen them in powder rooms.  Don't laugh, it looked pretty awesome over the piano. 
If you are at all interested in these or other pictures that I post, feel free to contact us on Facebook thru Spicher and Co., or you can fill in the contact info at the top right of my blog and I will answer the request. 

Thanks for looking today! 


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