Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Rooster Artwork at the Tavern in Old Salem

This is a late night post!  I had a busy day but wanted to take a few moments to talk about an exciting place that is located in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina.  It specifically is in the historic district of Old Salem.  The name of the tavern is simply TAVERN IN OLD SALEM, NC.  We had an amazing dinner here and if you get the chance to visit this tavern in Old Salem, I promise you won't soon forget it.  The tavern is in a little village that looks like it was set back in time to the year 1750.
They have a really interesting menu with edgy gourmet food that you would expect in a high end restaurant.  Additionally, they have some historic dishes that are Moravian, such as Chicken Pie.  That was what I had.  It was chock full of chicken with the veggies on the side and smothered with a delicious, perfectly seasoned gravy.  I'm one that is always watching her calories, but I ate the whole darn piece of pie.  AND I ate the bread, too.  They serve each and every meal with homemade sweet potato muffins that are also 'Moravian.' I could eat those little pieces of wonderful-ness 3x a day!  

My husband had the steak.  It was delicious and perfectly prepared.  The place was extremely clean.  It felt like I went back in time 300 years ago and I liked it.  They have a great mix of 'on tap' beer.  

I had a really good one that is custom crafted by a small brewery from Boon, NC.   I had something called Brown Bear.  It was a darker amber beer and boy was it delicious and smooth.  

Here's the official name of the brewery. The owners said that the brewery delivered the beer in person and that they are the only restaurant in the triad area that is licensed to sell it.  

This is a peak into the bar area.  The other pictures are a little dark but I'm going to post them because it was so interesting. 
The pictures in the background are very similar to the rooster pictures that I published several weeks ago.  These pictures were custom painted for this restaurant and the owners hung them in the bar / tavern area.  Here's a 'copy' of the version in my house. I include it so you can see the colors. 
Look familiar?  If you go into my search box at the top right of my blog, you can read about this
picture that hangs in my kitchen.  The two roosters in the background of the tavern in Old Salem are virtually identical to mine (above) with the exception that theirs is framed in a newly constructed frame. I wanted two of them and didn't have identical twin antique frames at the time these were painted, so black frames were chosen.

The Tavern in Old Salem versions are bright like the above example but the pictures were taken near close and the candles were long since burned out. Here are a few more examples:
Beneath my paintings is a table that you could drink a beer at and play a game of checkers.
The restaurant is complete with Windsor chairs and old wavy glass.  
They light the candles over dinner each evening at dusk.  I wish I had taken pictures!
I love the stairs!  This whole restaurant was built by the Moravians and is extremely historic in nature.  
Love how the stairs wind up and go up to the second floor. 
We were there on a Wednesday night about close and the place had emptied.  If you ever get to Winston-Salem, NC, it's well worth the visit. Call for reservations but be sure to check it out.   They are open for lunch, too, but not on Mondays! They are closed all day Monday. 

The outside is quaint, too.  They have a perfectly lovely back porch that is open to dine at in the warmer months.  You feel like you have stepped back in time--like Williamsburg,Va, but without all the traffic!
In the spring, summer, and fall this porch is lovely to dine on while gazing at the historic village. 
Check out this Daylight shot! Look at the modern skyscraper in the background!  
As I said, This whole town was built by the Moravians and comes complete with a beautiful college that is an all girls'school.  I'm proud to have my artwork here. Google it! the Tavern in Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC.  

UPDATE - I was a little tired last evening when I posted this.  Here are some additional pictures of this darling town. 

This is the all girls school.  It's called SALEM COLLEGE and is right in the center of historic Old Salem. 
The Daffodils are up here.  It was frigid cold but they were still doing their job-brightening our day!
Across the street and down from the tavern.  
Finally, I end with the Tavern again.  This town even has it's own B & B! Ok, one more picture! 
This place is wonderful, too!



Jill said...

What a charming town. The rooster and other art looks great in that tavern.

I don't know how you could leave that town...

Kolenespicher said...

Hi Jill! It is the cutest town. I had some other pictures of the town, too, that were equally charming. I love their bakery, too.