Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mary of Norfolk

This painting was inspired by my love for the Chesapeake Bay. I would love to have a sailboat, and I think about it a lot. I can imagine (or not imagine) what it must have been like in the day of the 19th century sailor.  I guess the biggest difference would be the inside of the hull of the ship and our modern luxuries. Don't forget, they had no motors or fancy winches to help with the ropes.  Fiberglass--none of that could be found, either!  I could go on.   Of course the modern sailor's attire would be different, too.  

I love the muted colors of this painting, and I think the folksiness of the little sailors add so much and make this painting unique. The blue of the sea compliment the overall hue of this painting.  I -sadly- cannot remember who bought it.  This is a print and if you go to www.spicherandco.com and look for the ship tab under coastal you can see a picture with better resolution.  
The original was very large.  The print size is approximately 26"x30" and can be ordered in various sizes.  I think some small flag pictures would look nice around this.  
These paintings are original water colors in antique frames.  They were leftovers from a show and go up the side of my kitchen hallway door.  Adjacent to these are canvas paintings of ships.  
Back to the Mary of Norfolk, here's a closeup of the sailor I'm in love with.  His name is Mark.
...and the lighthouse.  Coincidentally, I have a lighthouse print that would go lovely with this! Here she is in a nice white frame-also available thru Spicher and Co. 
If you zoom in closer, you can see that it's my depiction of Cape Henry Light! (In Virginia).

Thank you for looking today.  For the remainder of this week, I'm going to focus on pictures of our High Point Show Room and the C AND D Building, Highpoint, NC. I took some great pictures and thought you might enjoy seeing the process.  


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