Monday, March 24, 2014


A Light Shines in the Darkness of the Man Cave!

Unique Artwork for your man-type hangout

I thought it would be neat to show you some of the artwork that I'm taking to High Point Furniture Market!  Everyone knows that to find unique artwork that hasn't been knocked off a thousand times over is very hard to do.  Plus, it's fun to do that man cave or TV room over in something that is masculine and not something that you will find in a department store right around the corner.   

I present to you these light bulbs.  

Don't be too surprised because they are different from what you have come expect of me.  Because it's time that you see another side of Kolene Spicher.  This is the part of me that reaches for trendy decorative ideas that reach beyond traditional into the home of the edgy one!  

I picture these above a desk or a couch.  I think a den or entryway or even a hallway would be neat, too.  They are framed in a simple black frame, making them usable with many types of wood and veneer surfaces.  It's fun to sometimes break away from the traditional and expected and branch into something a little more unpredictable. 

Light bulbs have long been associated with intelligence, like having a bright idea,  like Einstein or Edison.  Just thru that association, I am inclined to find a home for these in my 'mancave' that is filled with a large tv, pool and ping pong table, as well as bats and balls and various other toy guns, etc. Imagine a wall of these! Now you have something different and something to talk about. 

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