Friday, April 4, 2014

Painting a Little Girl Portrait

FINISHING a Little Girl Portrait - Part 2 

Well, here she is!  I love the overall color tones of this painting and am pleased.  I painted it using watered down acrylic paints and then softly aged it using my 'old techniques.' Coincidently, the technique helps to preserve the painting, too!

At first glance, I see that the flower  on the floor connects the doll and then the furniture.  My eye goes to the doll, flower, chair, and then table -  each piece in that order.

I have included this picture to show you the scale. It is a little blurry but it helps.   I simply set it on a book case and left the stone fruit reveal the size.  As I said yesterday, it's not all that large ~ 8x11in??  I cannot recall.  Look at yesterday's post if you need or want to know.   

Look at the vibrant color of this flower.  That is something that is important to me when I paint reproduction artwork--COLOR.  I think that it's easy to get carried away and have something too antiqued.  

Look at these dear little shoes! I bet her toes hurt. 

Love this frame and the mottledness of it! (I know that's not a word).

Finally, I bring you her sweet little face with big blue eyes.  I think she is dear! 


PS - If there is ever anything that you might be interested in purchasing, please ask!  You can look at other artwork that I have done on  Like us on Facebook!  Spicher and Co's artwork is a more diverse, but there is something for everyone!  

Happy Spring. 

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