Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Chef was In! A Painting about some mermaids and Sailors!

Mermaid Painting 

Mermaids are always a hoot to paint because they are not so serious. Let's have a little fun in life, okay? As I have mentioned before, I want my artwork to make people smile.  Lately, I have had this thing for sail boats.  In fact, I wouldn't mind having one.  I have this idea that I will fish off the side and then go into my kitchen (on the boat-of course) and fry me up some good food!  Ha. 
This painting is suggesting that the mermaids are the meal.  It is only in fun, of course, and the chef is actually hanging over the top of the boat in between the two sailors--picnic blanket all ready to go! 

The blue water has a transparent quality which is something that I really strive to obtain in my paintings.  It could be anywhere!  

This is painted in Acrylic that is watered down and featured in an Antique frame with glass.  Here is another closeup! Check out the caption!

Finally, here is what it looks like framed and ready to hang! 



Dan Gaspar said...

My interpretation: The sailors think they've made a catch, but the mermaids are stealing the wine! I think the mermaids are getting the best of the sailors! :D

Kolenespicher said...

...and that is the idea. In like your interpretation, Dan. It's creative and it's thinking outside the box. Love it!

Kolenespicher said...

Dan, I meant to say that I like your interpretation!