Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Little Red House

My Little Red Houses in the Country 
featuring  a  different idea for using artwork

Artwork comes in many different forms, sizes, and shapes.  However, when you have something this size (above) and you have no place to hang it, instead of storing it in your basement or under the bed, why not use it as a fire screen?  I get more compliments on this and thought that it was a clever way to cover a dirty old fireplace that has nothing happening inside.  This is one of my large landscape prints, the original is long gone.  It's been a while since I talked about landscapes and how I paint them.  Today seemed like as good of day as any, so here it is! 

There is always a lot of movement in my pictures--even still life poses--have action.  My perspective is always a little 'off' but I can't help it.  I can't seem to keep things level and dislike painting straight lines.  

What makes this interesting, to me, is the different scales going on within the picture that are not 'correct'.  The colors are very vibrant and there's no darkness to this landscape (unlike the Central Park piece that I featured last week, which was deliberately aged) 
Central Park iceskating painting

A closeup of my landscape painting that I simply titled JUNE shows all the action in the grass.  I love that shade of green and love movement in a painting.  To me that is what says interesting.  If an artist spends time in select areas of the painting that are not in the 'forefront' that tells me that a lot of extra thought went into the painting.

Finally, this bottom shot shows the print in the purpose that I am currently using it.  If you like this print or any other painting that I have written about, please don't hesitate to contact me :) The ships above the mantle are also mine.  I have a strong gene in me that likes to collect.  I LOVE the trophies (and the Ironmonger sign off to the left).  You can look at to see more of my work.  The ironmonger sign is also available thru Spicher and Co.  


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