Thursday, December 13, 2012

THE WHALERS-They were in REAL danger.

THE WHALERS-They were in REAL danger

Ha!  I don't know where that REAL stuff comes from, maybe it's Pennsylvania dutch!   (I like to add 'real' or 'really' to a lot of my sentences.)  This was one of those paintings that I really did too large, really.  Every customer who wanted it had an issue with the size.  It was too large for their fireplace, too large for their den, too large for the wall.  The area was too small for the large scale.  You name it. 

The painting is 4'x5' but It's not too large for me.  So I have it in what I call MY SEASHELL ROOM.  This is off of my living room and beside my studio.  It gets the morning sun.  By afternoon, it's nice a toasty in there.  I have a large mirror in that room, so when I decide to sit down and take a break,  I recline on this soft blue chair and look at my painting in the reflection of a REALLY large mirror. By this time, it's nearing 3 and I'm really ready to take a nap. 

A lot of the details of this piece sort of disappear from a distance, but that is the beauty of my paintings. I like to add little details that come to life only when you interact with the painting up close.  This piece has things hidden beneath the water, written in the waves, and can truly be appreciated up close and back far.  

I like the soft puffy clouds and transparent irregular blues that are mixed with warm grey and green in the water.  The painting is full of action and the water has a suggestion of shallowness that enables you to see the silhouettes of the whales that swim beneath the water near the boat.  I don't figure that whales hung out back then by the mother ship, but it was fun to pretend that they did (for the sake of my painting).   These sweet looking black blobs in the water were in REAL danger! 

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