Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


This year we decided that we would put some of my husband's dead trees from work to good use.  We have a business outside Carlisle.  The township requires us to plant white pine trees around our lot.  We hire a landscaper but for whatever reason, these trees do not thrive.  The poor guy is always coming to dig the dead trees up and plant new ones.  Recently while talking about what to do for a Christmas tree, Mark said, "Hey, lets do a Charlie Brown tree!"  To be honest, I don't know what a CB tree looks like, but I had some ideas about what to do with his dead tree that gave him the idea to start with.  

We both agreed that it should be spray painted.  My boys suggested black.  That was quickly vetoed.  Mark thought white or silver or gold (which I agreed to with some reservation with the gold), so we decided that these 3 colors would be tried.  

What I was not counting on was how much paint the tree would absorb.  I went thru 3 cans of spray paint very quickly, which is not good for the environment or my lungs.  By the way, we tried gold on a few branches, too.  I didn't care for this color because it ended up looking yellow, which was what I was afraid of happening.  Yellow is a no no for a christmas tree-I really, really do not do yellow.  However, now that the tree is finished, I believe that black would have looked really cool, too.  

How to do this: 

1.  Spray, spray, spray, preferably in the direction with the wind.  Don't wear glasses or you will find overspray on your glasses.  Don't ask me how I know this. 

2.  The tree needs to be really really dry and free of rain water.  

3.  Don't cut the tree down until after it is sprayed and dried.  

4.  When you  transport your free tree, don't use a bungey cord because guess what happens?  The bark will come off of your dead tree.  If this does happen some how, get your paint brush out and match the color because your tree won't look...healthy... with the bark gone.  

5.  Be careful with the branches, wear your glasses, because you will poke your eye out.  Don't ask me how I know this.  

6.  Use plenty of lights and hang your ornaments on the inner branches for the most effect.  I chose some of my "Kolene Spicher" paper ornaments (12 Days of Christmas and Polka Dotted Christmas stockings) from Ballard Design and also some very light weight huge silver balls. The Santa stocking was made by myself 20 years ago out of paper mache'.  Don't ask me how I did this as I HAVE NO IDEA.   ALSO, check out the goose's necklaces, these were purchased from Goodwill's grab bag section for $5 a bag.  I have another idea, too, for these necklaces.  If I have time, I will try my idea and post it! 

Finally, the best thing about my CB tree is that I don't have to water it.  Also, there are no messy needles to clean up.  I took a piece of fake green pine rope and wrapped it around the tree stand to give it the illusion of LIFE.  I think in some ways, a CB tree is the best choice.  It is bringing life to something that no one REALLY values.  I am being green by doing this, BTW.  

Merry Christmas!   


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT !!!! I think I will try this next year !!! Great Idea !

Kolenespicher said...

"Finally, the best thing about my CB tree is that I don't have to water it!" This turned out to be the best part. It was a huge mess with all the bark falling off upon the de-decoration stage. The sticks even broke into little pieces. The poor tree was in shock, I guess, from all the spray paint! One thing also of note, cut the lower branches off because the branches sag with each passing day! Ha. thanks, Betsy!