Saturday, November 18, 2017

Holiday Style Whaling Scene by Pennsylvania Folk Artist Kolene Spicher

The Visiting Whale 

The Visiting Whale
If Whales could speak, they would tell you how much they love watching and interacting with man.  Each day someone, somewhere goes out in his or her boat, and watches for that proverbial whale's tail flipping across the water.   I love a good whale watch and am delighted to catch even a partial site of one.  

I had a request for a painting with a whale, some mermaids, and a few skaters.  While I have painted this combination before, each time it turns out a little differently from the last.  

I decided to paint this with a feathered edge, it looks wonderfully vintage and the surface has some wrinkles and cracks.  

I love the guy with the striped shirt!  He's fun and carefree and has really big feet, lol. 

Then there's the fun red house, hey, you have to have that house in there, every time.  It makes my painting look 'lived' in!  

There she is!  In her entirety, you get the feeling of a cold night and you think HOLIDAYS.  

I have a few more to do and will be posting soon.  

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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