Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Whaling Scene

The Tale of Two Whales 
The water is clear and the whales are free 
Have you ever gone on a whale watch?  I have and for some reason, the guide didn't go up and close!  Maybe the old whale is a little forbidding and needs to be viewed at a distance! 

Peaking thru the water! 
I love the red boat!  These six guys are brave!  I wanted them to be front and center and the water crystal clear!  

The flying whale! 

The tale of two whales!  
Trying to figure out the title was just as much as a challenge as ever.  After a while I came up with The Tale of Two whales!  (A take off from The tale of two cities).  

I like it next to my mermaid!  (NFS). 

Kolene Spicher 

PS, This is going to Nantucket Country! 

But I think it's sold! 

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Mugwump Woolies said... those whales and the whalers, too! Nantucket Country is a wonderful many goodies!
Have a fun and safe 4th,