Monday, October 31, 2016

Soldier Painting Williamsburg Style

Williamsburg Style Reproduction Painting
Nautical Soldiers
This painting is featured in an antique frame.  I believe it was an old Currier and Ives frame.  The finish is in good condition.  I did not have a piece of antique glass for this one, however.

The colors are vibrant without being brassy 
The technique on this painting, while not unique, is common for me.  It is what I would refer to as Pen and Ink with watercolor.  I love the ships in the background and the symmetry of this piece.  I love the yellow, too.

Check out the flags.   I have two American and two British.  To me, this screams 
Colonial Williamsburg.  

This give you an idea of the scale. 
Both of these paintings will be for sale on ETSY.  Please message me if you have any questions.


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Anne said...

Did you sell the painting of the man on the horse? Is this an antique or did you paint this? I love it!