Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Plans for a Large Scaled Vintage Photo Frame, Post 2

...A Change of Plans

I know that I said I was going to do something with "Flags" and "driftwood" but after looking at the frame for a bit and also the driftwood that I had collected, I decided that the driftwood was not consistent enough in depth.  While some were shaped perfectly, there were more shaped imperfectly.  

It's hard to imagine what this would look like after the tape is removed, but It will look
just fine.  The green certainly clashes with the blue but that will all go away in a bit. 

I liked the folky waves but ended up softening this look as the painting progressed 

In this shot, please notice the darkness added at the base of the painting.  
This creates a sense of

I would call this sunrise... 
At the moment, I have decided to look at this painting for a few weeks.  I might add another boat that is larger in the foreground.  I had a wall over some sofas in my living room that badly needed some artwork.  This will do just fine for the time.  

I had a shelf that needed assembled and set to the right of the fireplace.  This painting will end up over that shelf (see below).  

Here's another shot that shows it with regard to the entire space.  

The colors blend very nicely.  Check out the piece of vintage vinyl on the right on the floor!  
I love using blues and reds and whites.  You can sort of see a red and white quilt on the bottom of the shelf.  When you have dogs like we do, you absolutely MUST cover these white sofas.  I use these quilts to do so.  No worries, the dogs are light and will not ruin the quilts.  

See how little my Girl is??  This shot also shows a good picture of the round floorcloth.  You can go to www.spicherandco.com to purchase this look or contact me on my blog, I can direct you.  
I also love the use of shells in a nautical house.  Someday soon, I am going to show you my seashell folk art.  I have a lot of it and love the way it blends with my 'stuff.' 

I love this shot of the artwork.  I am busy painting for the Doylestown Art show in September.  Go to this link to learn more. 


If you want tickets to this event, message me thru Facebook by going to the page that I manage.  Here is a link to that, too. 




Karen said...

Your painting is beautiful!

Kolenespicher said...

Thanks Karen! I appreciate the compliment!! K