Saturday, July 2, 2016

Plans for a large scaled vintage photo frame - nautical flags, possibly.

Ugly inexpensive large scaled vintage photograph print and frame made NEW! 

The Renovation steps 

Say goodbye to this picture! 
Yesterday, I was wondering around an antique shop and found this picture.  I am not going to lie, it was cheap, really cheap.  But hold on, sometimes cheap isn't bad.  I like cheap things because I can afford to experiment with paint and finishes without the pressure of messing up and wasting money.   

I was thinking that this would be good for displaying some nautical flags.  I love flags.  This picture was made well, it's just not attractive any longer.  Unfortunately, it cannot be disassembled.  Whoever made the frame, made it to stay together permanently, print and all.  

I had no option but to paint directly on the print with a gesso type paint.  Here is what I did. 

I painted the frame black.  I will show closeups of this in a later post.  
I had to tape it off to keep the edges clean and looking fresh and professional.  Although, I don't know how 'professional' it was to even have chosen this poor pathetic piece, ha.  

The frame was obviously made by a craftsperson with some skill.  The
corners are perfect in the front and the back. 
This frame steps in about 1 1/4" so it would be perfect for mounting something ON TOP.  This might be what I choose to do

I found this driftwood walking along the Chesapeake Bay.  I have a bunch of it! 

I thought these would be really fun with some kind of whale, ship, or
sailboat painted on them.  
My idea is to try to find square pieces and paint nautical flags on them and carefully mount them to my project frame.  

Check back later for updates.  This is going to be a slow project that I work on in between my actual "WORK." 

Enjoy the day! Happy Fourth of July! 

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