Thursday, April 7, 2016

Another 3-D Mermaid, Part 4

The Loaves and the Fishes 
"And They did eat and were all filled"

I love artwork that carries a message.  For me, that is 1/2 the fun.  This particular mermaid was a custom piece.  

She's all painted but not attached yet 
After I have all the pieces in place--such as, the sailor, marlin, mermaid, and ship, the next step is to attach them.  

I don't want to do this yet until I have the frame finished.  

I am going to have a frame hand-grained to have 
the look of walnut.  The customer wants 
it to be as dark as possible without looking heavy and black.  

The process of graining begins with a bright base. In this instance, I am going to use a yellow.  I then will go over the frame with a transparent  walnut type glaze.  

This will take on the look of wood.  Because there is dimension to the mermaid, I will have to have a spacer placed in behind the glass to produce a cavity for the pieces.  

There's going to be a string painted in that will attach the rod to the Marlin.
You can sort of see the shadow effect to the right of the sailor. This is intentional.  
If you look in the water, you can see Luke 9:17.  This is a scripture from the Bible about the Loaves and the fishes.  Having the mermaid carrying the huge shell filled with fish and bread carries the message "And they did eat and were all filled."  God certainly provides and satisfies.  I love this idea and am really enjoying the process! 

There will be a spacer behind the mermaid that will have her separated from the paper about 1/4" 

Look at her tail and how the bottom of the fin projects forward.  This is where I get the 3-D concept! 

Although this thread has gotten very long with this segment being Post 4, I will need to have one final post.  It will cover the graining of the frame, the applying of the mermaid, sailor, and Marlin, along with some other fine last minute details.  

Check in about a week!  


Kolene Spicher 

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