Monday, June 29, 2015

Child Mermaid

The Little Pearl on Cape Cod 

A likeness without being a 'copy'
Whenever I do a custom piece, I strive for a likeness without being a direct 'copy'.  I figure, if you want a photo, you'll pay a photographer…ha.  I really admire people that can paint photo realistic, though, it's a gift for sure.  

I wasn't sure if the owner of this little angel would want her picture on the web, so I made it very small.   
I love how the water and sky are the colors of shells.  
I really gravitate to the same colors.  This year, it is my goal to introduce some new fresh colors that I want to highlight.  For me, the ribbon color has a freshness that is very current.   

The orange is also carried up into the wave.  
I like to carry color (a little bit) all over the painting.  I think it makes your eye travel subconsciously over the entire piece.  The technique for this painting is my "Retrieved Wallpaper" technique. I talk about this style in other posts. 

In this shot you get a glimpse of her oyster shell tail. 
I wanted the painting theme to be about oysters.  She's the pearl!  The customer lives on the Cape. 
Here is the painting under another painting I am working on! 
I haven't blogged about the one on the top yet.  She is an ANGEL  mermaid.  Although, the two are not related to each other and the bottom one is sold, the top one shows how the colors blend with my other work.  I think this is very important.  I will be placing the top one in my show inventory. 

The ribbon brings out the orange in the frame. 
When I was selecting the ribbon color, I decided to go with something that would blend well with the frame.  

Drift wood box! 
Finally, here's an outside shot of this painting.  You can really see how it looks in natural lighting.  The frame is outstanding and is from the turn of the century, late 1800s.  Thanks for looking! 


PS- Don't forget the show that I am painting for currently.  Let me know if you live nearby and would like tickets! 

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