Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A visit to a shoppe in East Berlin, PA

Lion and The Lamb 

West King Street, East Berlin PA front entrance 

Posted to direct customers to the rear of property 
If you you live anywhere within a few hours of East Berlin, PA,  why not plan a trip to Lion and The Lamb?   There is an open house for the holidays that is coming up this weekend.    I have included quite a few pictures to show you what this shop owner has for sale.  Shops like this are nearly nonexistent.  Lion and the Lamb has been in business for many, many years.  This was the first store that I sold to nearly 23 years ago, and I felt it was a privilege.
Card with hours and date of open house. 

Here is a better shot of the address! 

When I arrived today with my friend,  we actually accessed the shop from an alley way that runs parallel to West King street.  The shop is very welcoming with its beautiful facade.

Antique barn that is location of store

First Sign! 

Love the light! 
She has many things for sale, including my artwork.  Here are some highlights of what she has for sale over the Christmas season!

 Greg Schooner lamp and Kolene Spicher Painting

Absolutely everything pictured in these photos are for sale.  She also has sales going on!  Her taste is so high end and discriminating.  She also has a flare for decorating.  Her home is lovely, too.  

Santa ornaments are darling 

The painting over the dresser is mine (Navy piece) 

We have this HOPE as an anchor! 


…More Kolene 

Whaling piece Kolene Spicher 

Here are some other things for sale in her shop that I liked! She had a lot of very nice antiques.  Below are some rare chalk ware pieces that were made in Pennsylvania.  Gretchen (shop owner) is very knowledgeable about the antiques that she carries.  She told me that this chalk ware was made in Pennsylvania for a very short time (I believe in the mid 1850s).  These pieces are rare and important antiques.  The condition is excellent.

I love this deer. 

All Antique!

Miniature stone fruit- rare! 

Gretchen said that this elephant chocolate mold from France is very rare and unique.  

These represent just a few of the pieces that she had that I felt were beautiful.  She also had some quilts.   The candles pictured above were wonderful.  The whole shop smelled inviting and 'Christmasy'!

Greg Schooner red ware 
Gretchen has always been a big fan of Greg Schooner.  She has always carried a big collection of his best works.  I love his pottery, too.  Google him, he is an amazing 21st century artist.  I have many of his pieces, too.  She had one piece there that is very unusual.  I have been doing shows with him for many years and have never seen a piece like this.  According to Gretchen, it is a one of a kind piece that was never repeated.  If I had the extra cash, I would have bought it.  I have several pieces that I have bought from him over the years that are UNIQUE and I cherish them.

See the date 1988! 
This is a keepsake and something to cherish.  If you know Greg and Mary Schooner, you will agree!

Some more things from the shop! 

She has the shop nicely decorated for her Christmas open house.  The feel and lighting (ambiance) is something that I had difficulty capturing on camera.  My pics do not do the shop justice! 

 Her Christmas tree was about 10 feet tall and covered with  hand made ornaments.  The products in her shop are  all made by American Craftsmen.  This is the part of the scenario that you just won't find around the corner in any old town.  East Berlin is on the way to Gettysburg about 10 mins North off Route 15.  

Hand Painted Furkins 

This is a long post!  However, before I close I wanted to show you another shot from West King Street! 

This looks straight out of the 1700s and is one of the most incredible homes in this Historic Town of East Berlin! It should be on a postcard! 

Look at the brownstone! 

I even love the basement window! 

If you get the opportunity, google East Berlin, PA and stop for an afternoon at THE LION AND THE LAMB!  But do so quickly and try to make the open house!!   While you are there, visit  the Jan Hoffman and Woodward Shop, another historic property just down the street selling authentic reproduction 18th century antiques.  She (Jan Hoffman) makes each and every piece!  


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