Friday, September 19, 2014

Primitive Country Landscape painted by me 20+ years ago

Fun in the Hay 

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Having Fun in the Hay! 
This is an OLDIE but sweet one.  I painted this back in 1989-90 and it was the very first LARGE landscape that I had ever printed Lithograph style.  I don't believe that they are available any longer at Spicher and Co.  It is very primitive.  It is very Early Kolene, too! 
Love the guy asleep in the Hay 
I was fascinated back then with farmwife.  My husband's family was from western PA and they had a milking farm.  We would go there quite regularly and literally jump 15 feet off of a hay loft onto a pile of hay below that was about 10' wide.  That was back when I had no reservations about anything.  It was pre-lemons, when everything was fun and there weren't sour circumstances or any issues with anything (health).  Life is still so good, and I am thankful~so very thankful.  I still have some tough hiccups but  have learned to embrace them and turn them into "fun in the hay."

One cool thing ~ this print came from my husband's grandmother's home.  It is in virtually perfect condition, and surprisingly, it is an artist proof.  We gave it to them 20 years ago as a gift.  She needed to move and so I re-acquired this print and it is now for sale on ETSY. 

I love this little guy asleep, too and the little dog with his raised paw.  I love the primitive style of the horses.  

One thing that I might have done differently…I would have used a ruler to go around the print so that it was plum and straight.  There's a pencil line, too,  that was used to separate the print from the white and this is a little problematic for my eye.  It is not very straight.  But, alas, I was learning.  Pencil lines were never ever plum for me.  My dad was a carpenter and he loved to point out my crooked lines…SMACK! JK

HERE is where I came up with the title "Fun in the Hay" because these little guys are def having some fun.  You know what, so are the people resting.  Resting is fun!  Take care and thanks for looking at this!

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