Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Moonlight Landscape

Peaceful Night 

This has a french country feel to it
One thing that I love about painting is when I accidentally develop something that is simple with a sophisticated look.  I have achieved that 'look' with this painting.

This is one of the paintings that was left at the end of my last show.  I was happy to load her up and bring her home and live with her for a while.  Having said that, it is still on my wish list to sell it.  But in the meantime, I am trying her out in different areas of my home.  Here she is in the kitchen (above).  I do really like this.  But my bedroom really needs artwork...

 I recently sold the piece of artwork hanging over my bed, I am left with a big blank spot making this painting a MUST for over the bed.  Even if it's for a few weeks, it's better than the alternative…NOTHING. (Pillows available thru Spicher and Co.) 

I love the grass color here.  It's a little of Azo yellow and Jenkins Green mixed together.  

Years ago, I painted a moon face for a child's room (it had a cow jumping over it).  LOL.  While my tastes have somewhat moved on from that, I still sell it because the moon has a sweet face, people still buy the print.  

The gate going across the landscape with the house in the center makes the homesite feel protected and isolated from the world.  We all need a little of that! 

The Pine frame is amazing on this and in very good condition.  The glass is so wavy and antique that I wasn't able to get a straight on shot over the bed because there is too much glare from the bumpy wavy glass.  

Here's a straight on shot, minus the glare: 

This was on a dark floor away from most of the light, although you can see the wavy glass a little in the center. 
I really love this painting and am offering it up for sale later today on my KOLENESPICHER Etsy sight.

The simple house and smoke plumes take on an upscale look.  What's going on in this house, and where is it?  Who lives there?  These are some of the questions that enter my head when I look at it.  Make it your vacation home!  HAH.  No joking, this painting has a very peaceful feel to it and I love it! 


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