Monday, June 2, 2014

YOUNG BOY Silhouette

Birds of the World

A Silhouette of a Young Boy

Love the Plaid Pants
I have  a following of people that collect my silhouettes.  I am glad that they enjoy them and am happy to continue to add to their collection as I expand my own abilities.  The background of this did not photograph true (and I apologize for this), it is much too yellow.  I kept it, however because the other colors are fairly true.
This is a little too much the other direction, it's not warm enough. 

Things that really stand out to me about this when I look at it are the collar, eyelashes,  and wispy hair. The transparent collar is very 'correct' and was frequently done this way in old silhouettes.   The plaid pants are an added plus and I painted this not realizing how much I would love the plaid when it was finished.  This was one that I didn't sell and ended up in my own personal collection.  Here is where it is currently hanging. I love how the plaid looks with the girl's red dress on the left.
It is at the top, second one down! 
This particular shot is at the entrance of my home.  I like seeing the girl with the big hat as I come in the front door (see Friday's post) and I LOVE the antique silhouettes that run up the wall.  Mine is the only reproduction there.  I fell in love with antique silhouettes many years ago and have bought a lot of them from Nantucket Country in  Massachusettes.  You should google her store!
I painted this frame.  It was painted on top of an old antique frame that needed a facelift.  The graining was done with my pointer finger!

I like to sign the backs of my paintings.  I love pretty handwriting!  Look for this silhouette on my Etsy store, I am going to part with it.  It's time!  The size is 7 3/8x5" wide.  It will be $210. My etsy store is KOLENESPICHER. 


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